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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More cheerful

The news is full of the Olympics.  I am not sporty and have no real enthusiasm for them, but I do appreciate that lots of people feel very differently.  However spending so much money  during financial crises seems lacking in balance.  I would personally prefer to see more useful things done with the  money, like reducing the public sector cuts, improving the rail network across the country, improving sports facilities at grass roots level, and so on and so on.

I said I would be more cheerful, but that all sound a bit glum - well, negative at least.

It is hard to be positive while watching the news though.  Doom and gloom everywhere.

However L'Oreal have had their wrists slapped for airbrushing photos of Julia Roberts in magazines - hurray.

The weatherman is now saying that  it is going to be warm and sunny.  Hurray again.

Tomorrow is my birthday - double hurray.

Shame I have to go to work, but there will be cake.  (we won't think about the diet starting next week)

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oreneta said...

Happy Birthday!!!! some good aside from the doom and gloom.