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Monday, July 25, 2011

Good wildlife walk

 We went for a walk near St Davids on Saturday and did very well on the wildlife front.  Here is a grey seal who was lazing around in the sea on a lovely sunny afternoon.
 This kestrel was having a dust bath.  He continued having his bath even when we got fairly close (not this close - I have zoom on my camera) and then he started walking down the path towards us before he took off.
Here is  a gannet. I got lots of pictures of sky while trying to get a decent picture of the gannets but did get the picture in the end.

What I didn't get a picture of was the most exciting bit.  I have been trying to see dolphins or porpoises off this coast for years and never have, though B has seen them a few times.  However I saw one on Saturday.  Not a lot of one - all you see is when they surface to blow so it is just a small little bit, but I did at least see one.


We had a lovely day on Saturday, then Sunday the clouds sat on top of us so that though it wasn't actually raining it was very wet, so we stayed in and read the papers instead.

The Guardian is being a little bit smug about the phone hacking/News International scandal as they have been going on about it for years, which is understandable.  It adds a bit of humour to reading the reports though.

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Sounds utterly LOVELY!