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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back in Blogland

First I was on  holiday.

We had a week in East Anglia, went on the Broads, visited lots of people and did lots of things (of which  more later)  We were busy and didn't have internet in  most places, so no blogging then.

Then when we got home we discovered that the phone line was dead.  My line is provided by Primus, who are very cheap, but.....

To contact them you need to use a mobile because - the landline is not working - and Primus took nearly 20 minutes to get me to a person to talk to, all the while playing the most godawful version of 'Love Story' which in itself is enough to put you in a bad mood.  The mobile obligingly ticks up the seconds so you can see how much the call is costing which is also annoying.

However we managed to get through and made an appointment for Wednesday  morning - when I thought Nic was going to be here.  However it turned out she wasn't so I asked Ad to take the  morning off because I couldn't get out of a meeting I had.  He got permission.  Fine.

But the engineer didn't come.  Wednesday afternoon I spent another 15 minutes waiting to get through to Primus and asked where the engineer was and was told the appointment was for Thursday afternoon.  We then had a very heated conversation, during which I suggested that they played over the phone call I had made on  Monday when the Weds appointment had been made because they kept telling me that the appointment was for Thursday.  They told me they had phoned.  I did have a missed call at about 6pm on Tuesday evening but I didn't know who that was from and even if they had left a message the evening before is not a reasonable time to change the appointment.  I was fuming and asked to speak to a supervisor  - after 10  minutes the operator came back to tell me the supervisor was busy and couldn't talk to me!  Why did that take 10  minutes????

I was so so so cross!!!!!

I shall be looking at alternative providers I think, even though Primus are cheap.

However the engineer came this afternoon (I took time off this time) and has fixed it.  Hurray.

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Boo and Trev said...

That is so annoying. I hate wasting days off for deliveries etc when the people do come let alone when they don't