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Monday, October 4, 2010

New hat and new neighbours

I got a new hat on Saturday. It is not a pretty hat. It is waterproof with ear flaps, there is elastic on the back to hold it on, and it will be great when going out for walks in the winter. I love it. B says he will walk far enough away from me so he can pretend he doesn't know me. But I will have warm ears. Excellent.

Llandeloy is a very small village, where B lives. There are about 30 houses. A few years ago we met the people who own the cottage across the road. It is a holiday cottage and their main house is about 4 miles from Llantwit Major - what a coincidence! we thought, fancy another couple having houses in both places. Then on Saturday when we got back from Haverfordwest a couple came up to us and said that they knew some other friends of ours (e colleagues of B's), so we invited them in for a cup of tea. They also live near Llantwit, but they have bought a tiny little cottage across the road from B in Llandeloy.!!! Marianne is the oncology social worker for an area which includes the area from Llantwit to St Davids and up to Cardigan, and having the cottage means she can base herself there when doing all her calls in West Wales, so it makes sense. But what are the odd of 3 couples having houses in both places?

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oreneta said...

I hate having cold ears....I have a couple of pretty ugly winter hats too, and I adore them. Cold wind blowing in my ears? SHUDDER.