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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lovely weekend

This weekend we have had lovely weather. It has been sunny, clear and even warm.

I was down in Pembrokeshire this weekend and after a leisurely morning of cups of tea in bed we went to Haverfordwest and went for a swim. The leisure centre there is really nice, modern and clean. The changing facilities are excellent and the showers are great, which is not the case with the leisure centres here. We then had a feeling of virtue all day because of taking excercise so early. Then we had a lovely coffee in the sunshine at a cafe before heading back for lunch. In the afternoon we pottered round St Davids and then in the evening we had a social engagement!

Some people we met a couple of weeks ago have the cottage across the road and we went over there for drinks and nibbles in the evening which was really pleasant.

B has been doing lots of work on the revised version of his website and we hit a problem because the version of the operating system on his computer is earlier than the ftp client we were planning on using. So now we need to either find an earlier edition of Cyberduck or another ftp client. Pain in the neck.


Boo and Trev said...

This page lists many secure ftp clients, all open source:


Helen said...

Ooh thanks for that.