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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cup cakes

Tomorrow is wear it pink day when money is raised for breast cancer research. As 3 out of 7 women in my office have had breast cancer it is something which is close to us. A few years ago we made cakes which we then took round the offices and businesses on the little industrial unit where we are based asking for donations.

People can be extraordinarily generous and extraordinarily mean. 2 of us go out and ask for donations. Some people give five or ten pound notes and take one cup cake, someone once gave a £20 note! Most people give a pound or so. But some places have people who are just rude! Why? All they need to to is to say 'no thank you'. We don't force people.

Anyway, we usually raise about £100 which is pretty good.

I have cooked 2 dozen chocolate cup cakes and 20 scones to take in tomorrow. They smell great. All I have to do now is ice the cup cakes and I am done.

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