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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wedding outfit shopping

I took yesterday off work to go looking for wedding garments. The diet has worked (and is still working) very well, but I have lost more off the bottom half than the top half so far. I am hoping that this will even out, but at the moment I am not a 14 on the top. This made trying on dresses a very depressing experience.

I tried on LOTS of dresses. Part of the problem is that empire line and high waists are back in which if you have a big bum and small bust is flattering. The other way round - no. Not a good look. Plus the fact that in the run up to Xmas the shops thing everything needs to be black or red. Or very highly patterned. Or 60s smock type things which, if you have done maternity clothes, is not a look you want to go back to.

I also walked 5 miles. Out of curiosity I used the pedometer, and it was just under 5 miles by the time I finished, so who says shopping isn't exercise?

I tried on a couple of skirts which were ok, and then tried on a trouser/halter neck dress combo/catsuit thing (hard to describe but do not think Avengers here) which was really flattering, very comfy and I bought it. Black and silver. Not very mother of the bride, but as traditional mother of the bride was not a look I wanted anyway that is ok. Why do MOTBs wear suits they would never normally contemplate? They are all very similar and require the big hat to finish them off - I did look in one shop at MOTB stuff and fled quickly. Not me at all.

I also got 2 skirts (v unusual for me) , 1 pair of trousers and a top for everyday from the charity shops, which I am really pleased with, and which give me more choice for day to day now that so many of my clothes don't fit.

Very successful day.


Boo and Trev said...

Month today! Exciting!

oreneta said...

I went and bought a whole bunch of skirts too, which is also most unlike me, but so very comfy....I have to figure out how to make them warmer. Sounds stupid I know, but I am not sure how to do that yet.

Kate said...

Woolly tights and Ugg boots Chris! I actually end up feeling warmer in skirts in the winter than I do in trousers as I always have really thick woolly tights and some form of boots on, but Uggs are the best as they're lined with sheepskin :)