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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Diet progress

Well I have now lost one and a half stone - which sounds a lot more than 21 lbs and am halfway to my goal. It is getting a bit harder in a way because I am losing less each week than earlier - which is inevitable - and the desire to eat other things is getting greater. However I am mostly still managing to stick to it, though I may start to cluck soon as I am eating so much chicken. I was at a work thing today which did provide lunch, though as I could eat absolutely none of it I decided to depart and go back to the office.

I am down to size 14 in trousers, and down a bra size, though I need to work on the bust and tummy which are the areas where I still need to lose weight, so am starting to do a few sit ups etc.

I am still painting sticks, silver and white and sprayed a lot of teazle silver last Sunday which looks lovely actually. I have only a few more sticks to paint and then I will focus on cupcake recipes. It is all fun though.


katemcnabb said...

You are doing BRILLIANTLY mum - v.proud of you and you look fabulous, and obviously our gratitude for your stick spraying and cupcake making can never really be fully repaid :) xxxx

oreneta said...

I am so utterly impressed. That is no small amount of weight!

Why doesn't the weight come off where we want it to come off?