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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Management system

We are getting a new library management system and I am project managing the migration. Increasingly over the next few months I will be getting down into the nitty gritty detail of the new system as we decide how to use it and how we want it to work, what it will do and what it won't do.

At the moment we are getting really into the set up and mapping all the details of our system so that we can put all the data on the existing system into the right pigeon holes in the new system. Basically it is like packing up a house and you have to say exactly where you want everything put in the new house, including which drawers to put the socks in and how to fold the jumpers. It goes a bit beyond the "make sure you know where the kettle is". I have a horrible feeling that once we go past the wedding - people are interested in that and I can chat to anyone about it, that I am going to get very boring as I get more absorbed in computer stuff.


oreneta said...

We aren't doing anything quite the same, nor anything quite so ambitious, but we are building an on-line school where I work, and I have to confess that I find it utterly fascinating. Sounds to me like what you're going to be doing will be pretty neat too!

Helen said...

sounds really interesting.