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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sticks and flowers

I am pondering the flower arrangements for the wedding in November and as Kate is having an icy wintery theme I don't want to actually have too many flowers. Lots of arrangements for weddings are very flower intensive, with massed flowers bunched together and not much greenery and although they are often lovely, I don't think they are very wintery. So I have painted some long straight sticks white, white and glitter and silver and they are going to look good with maybe a few flowers inserted. I also sprayed some greenery silver this afternoon and that looks great and would be good mixed with actual greenery and just a few flowers as well. So I need to get a large can of spray paint to do more silver and then think about containers as well. I am having a really good time.

I signed up for a photography evening class which was to teach me all about my camera but sadly only 3 people signed up so the class has been cancelled. I am so disappointed as I was really looking forward to it.


katemcnabb said...

Shame about the photography class :( Is there another one you could sign up for?

Glad you're having so much fun with the twigs!


oreneta said...

It's a drag when classes don't come together.....

No photos of the greenery, or rather silvery?

Helen said...

I need to paint more before I can do an arrangement - it will come soon