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Thursday, September 3, 2009

No horse photos

Nic asked me to come up to the stables and take pictures of her horse Fiveaside. Sadly she needs to sell him because she needs to get a new clutch in her car which is going to cost about £900 (!), and needs a picture to sell him in the magazine. As her car is non functional we went in my car, but he has a swollen knee because he fell over while (if you will pardon the pun) horsing around in the field. So she couldn't ride him and we couldn't take pictures. He went into the horse walker for an hour to walk off some of the swelling - he isn't lame - while Nic mucked out, and I read my book in the car. Then she bandaged his leg and off we went.

Nic is turning into a racehorse rehoming centre. Fiveaside is a failed racehorse, but will make a lovely riding horse, and went to Pony Club camp where he had a lovely time. A friend bought another one, gave him some training and has sold him on to a lovely family home. Now they have another one each, to teach how to be riding horses instead of race horses and then sell on to be happy hacking horses. It is quite amusing, but also well worthwhile.

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oreneta said...

Sorry about the clutch, but glad she is making some cash on the deal.

Would it be possible for me to come to Kate's wedding? It would be just me most likely, but I would like to come. No furnace needs replacing this time!