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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flowers and cakes

I am thinking lots of deep thoughts about flowers and cakes for Kate's wedding. We are having a cake of cheese and then fairy cakes. I am making the fairy cakes so on Sunday I made 3 batches of 3 different recipes and have asked the family and colleagues at work to do a taste test which they enthusiastically did, and the majority vote is for the easiest and cheapest of the three, though the next most favourite has the advantage of baking with a very flat surface so they are easier to ice. The jury is still out.

Flowers are the other thing we are doing ourselves, so I have started looking at the websites and narrowing down the actual choice of colours and flowers, then we need to work out how many arrangements we want and how many flowers in each one before we place the orders.

Oooh it is getting really exciting!!

Also the diet is going well. I have lost over a stone in 6 weeks, so it is really starting to be visible now which is encouraging.

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oreneta said...

You've lost a STONE!!!!


Fairy cakes, flowers, excitement inded!