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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dagger's at the ready

The nominations for Dagger in the Library begin now - we already have one nomination, and I have never heard of the author which is good.   I found some really good new authors last year, so fingers crossed some other good ones turn up this year.

Fudge is going home tonight, and we will miss him because he is a very nice natured and affectionate little dog.  I won't miss the mess though as he chews everything and there are bits of chewed stuff all over the place, and the vacuum has been working hard.

New Year Resolutions - hmm
I want to learn more about wine, rather than buying by guesswork

Usual weight loss/fitter stuff (ho hum)

I will do something with the how to  crochet book I have next door instead of just looking at it guiltily.

Finish the backing up of all the  photos on the computer.

Make a start on scanning the old photos.

I will make an effort to create a course for mylearningworx.  I am thinking of a 'Make do and mend' really basic how to sew, how to hem, stuff like that. It should be a bit of a challenge!

Maybe invent a time machine as well so I can fit in all the above. (Doctor, where are you?????)

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