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Saturday, January 12, 2013


I find it difficult to type 2013 so I hope that isn't an omen!


We walked all the interesting middle third of Hadrian's Wall which - for me - was a real achievement.  I feel proud of myself.

Still in work and still earning a pay cheque which is good in the current economic climate

All family well and thriving which is a major plus!!

Rejoined NWR which I am really enjoying

Got flooded over Christmas so are leaving our offices behind.  This is sad, because 4 years after we returned (after the last flood) we all still looked round and thought how lovely the office was.  We are now in the basement in a very small room and will turn into troglodytes (dry ones though)

Sad shortage of sun all year.

We built what we are calling the servatory on the back of the house ( half a conservatory) which does also have a canopy.  I wanted it because the garden is windy, so it is a wind break which still get sun.  We actually did use it a lot and it makes a big difference.

Still want some sun though.


B will have another piece performed by the BBC (hopefully) and another piece recorded in June, followed by a cd.  This is very exciting.

There are horrific spending cuts - why do they call them savings?  - coming up for the local authority I work for and libraries won't be immune.

B is going to be a grandfather in a few weeks

We have some concerts planned.

Roll on 2013 and I hope everyone has a good one

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