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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Summer walking

 You can tell it is summer because I am wearing boots, gaiters, a fleece, cagoul and hat going for a walk today.  We wanted to seize the opportunity because the forecast for Monday is monsoons again.  It was lovely out, though a bit windy when you got onto the beach.  However one man's meat etc because there were wind surfers and beach buggies out making the most of the weather and they like the wind too.    This is me as intrepid walker!

The rest of the pics are just pretty ones which I took on the walk. 

However it must be summer because we saw lots of swallows.


oreneta said...

Ahhhh, summer in the UK, nothing quite like it. Though it must be wonderful for the skin.

Looks like a delightful walk.

Helen said...

It was a lovely walk and a lovely day, just a little cool for May