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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hampton Court

We went to Hampton Court last weekend.  Kate wanted to see it and we met my sister and husband, and my niece and her husband, and we had a lovely family day out.

Hampton Court is a fabulous building, dating from the 16th century though with large sections added later and it is huge.  They have arranged the public access in mini tours with a theme - Young Henry VIII, Georgian rooms, etc which works very well because people are going round different areas and stops everyone doing the same route at the same time.    The quality of the tours varied a bit so the Royal chambers were excellent but the kitchens were fairly poor, with some plastic pies and meat but not much else. 

The gardens are beautiful and extremely well kept with lots of topiary trees and colourful flowerbeds and you can easily imagine yourself wandering round in robes with Henry talking to Wolsey in the distance, Anne flirting....

History is sometimes a long way back but other times it is just round the corner.

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