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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Techno updating

Brian is thinking about getting an iPad, so he can browse etc when downstairs - as his computer is a big beasty upstairs.  Simple enough you would think.

But - the old computer he has upstairs doesn't run an operating system compatible with an iPad.  Actually it doesn't work with a few updates for other things either.  So we had a long talk with a helpful young man in the Apple shop and come away with all sorts of alternatives.

Do nothing.

Buy an iPad and don't try to sync it to the computer.

If you want to sync it to a computer it could sync to my laptop and load photos etc from there

Buy a more recent (but still old) version of the Mac operating system which would enable many of the updates to be loaded, but that costs over £80 so seems a bit daft.

Buy a new main computer so that everything talks to everything else and he can load the updated version of the composition software he uses.

Too many choices, all involving lots of money.  So we went away having bought nothing.

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oreneta said...

Get the iPad, cause it's fun, and send documents to yourself for free via Gmail, google docs and photos via picasa. Upload to the internet from either computer and download onto either. Always compatible that way, and free.

That's what I'd do. We also have a mix of mac and PC products and it works fine for us. If you're feeling brave some docs can go via pen drives, but those are a virus writer's dream.

Would that work?