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Sunday, September 25, 2011


We have been replacing the rotten wood facing on the porch this afternoon.  The 'we' is me doing a lot of finding tools in the garage, holding wood and ladders, and passing things.  Brian does all the rest of the sawing, measuring and hammering.  Fair division of labour generally I think.

However this afternoon the hammering included dropping said hammer and hitting me on the way down.  I spend the next half hour with an ice pack held to my swelling eyebrow, then daubing it with Nic's arnica and taking some of her arnica pills.  As she is very experienced in the matter of bruising I bow to her knowledge and hope the arnica works.  Luckily my fringe is long at the moment and will cover the bruise.

However - back to the fair division of labour - as I made a pair of curtains for the cottage this morning I think we are quits really.

The person who did a lot of the diy before we bought the house was a real bodger.  Brian spent a lot of time tutting about the crap workmanship of the porch roof, and other things he did even I could do a better job, and I am  not one of the world's carpenters.  For instance they converted the garage into a room, which is now our tv room, which is fine, but they didn't take the window out to the front of the house which is what all the other people who have converted the garage have done.  Instead it is set about 3 feet back,  so there is all that wasted space.  Weird.


oreneta said...


Are you going to come out with a shiner in the end?

Boo and Trev said...

ooer! Ow indeed