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Thursday, May 12, 2011


I am tired!

London yesterday was a long day - enjoyable but 6 hours on a train is just tiring.

At work it has been busy too, for some reason I had 2 meetings out of the office this week which takes time out of the usual work flow in the office.  However on top of that Pam is on holiday so I have to pick up a large chunk of her work while she is away.  That means that I am in the work for half of the week, but have work for one and half people which is  making Helen a busy girl!

Tomorrow we are singing in a concert in Monmouth.  We are doing part of a Bach motet - Jesu meine freude - which (to be completely frank) we don't know as well as we should, so it is a little bit nerve wracking.  There are  only me and Patsy on the top soprano line so that is a bit nerve wracking too.  Luckily neither of us have colds.    I am picking Patsy up and we will sing all the way to  Monmouth to warm ourselves up. 

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