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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dagger judging

I went to London to join the other judges for the Dagger in the Library judging.  There are 6 judges and we have an observer from the Crime Writers Association, who run the Daggers, who sees fair play.

We had 16 people on the long list, and they were a very varied  list, quite a few of whom I hadn't read before.    Actually quite a few that all of us haven't read so we have all been reading masses recently to try to get a good feel for all of the writers. 

We has some who we agreed to take off the list fairly quickly, but then got into deep debate about some of the others which took us through 3 courses and a 3 hours very happily.  Eventually we got down to the short list of 6 (which will be published soon).

It is so agreeable to sit and talk with people who have knowledge and passion about books, and a  good lunch is an added bonus

Plus - all my trains were on time!

Though I gave up on the bus I took to Picadilly and got out and walked  because it was quicker.  And as I had lots of time to get back to Paddington I walked there too.  Some of the houses and streets in that part of London are so lovely! A gazillion pounds each of course, but still.

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oreneta said...

What a delightful day! Lunch, good talk and good books!