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Monday, November 8, 2010

Harry Potter soon

Things to look forward to :

Harry Potter film on 19 Nov - though I hope, hope, hope they make a better job of this than the last one, or it will be really disappointing

Sibelius symphony no 2 on Friday night in St Davids Hall

Getting my iPod touch for christmas


Warm weather next summer


oreneta said...

We've booked tickets at the music hall we went to as well... I am also looking forward to that....the touch will be good fun!

katemcnabb said...

I am very much wondering about the impact of the off-piste story line they did at the end of the last HP film with the whole Harry on the top of the tower thing....

Your things to look forward to all sound lovely. You won't agree with my top three:

* Anniversary weekend - rugby, food and quality time with Carl (and friends and family)

* Lucy's hen do in Devon

* The Ashes

Things not to think about:

* Carl going to Afghan :(


Helen said...

Oreneto - lovely

Kate - your 3 sound great for you.

Boo and Trev said...

I am really excited about HP7 and have booked my tickets. Glad that you have an optimistic attitude to next year's weather too!
I'm looking forward to getting wii rock band for Xmas. It's our presi to ourselves. Poor neighbours