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Monday, November 15, 2010

Back from Manchester

I was in Manchester last week at a User Group meeting for the computer system at work, which was interesting. There was supposed to be internet access but it was so slow that it was virtually useless - hence no blogging last week.

For some reason the internet at home is going slow as well - not sure why.

All this makes internet communication somewhat tricky.

The user group was good, I met some nice people and picked up some tips about things to do on the system which is, after all, what the meeting was for.

On Friday B met me off the train, we went and had something to eat, then went to a concert in St Davids Hall. There was a pleasant piece by someone called Roussell, a new piece by Simon Holt which was ok. He is the composer in residence with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and up till now all the works of his we have heard have left us uninspired. However I quite liked this one. The second half was Sibelius symphony no 2 which was fantastic! Astounding piece of music.

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