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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Busy weekend

I have been away for weeks and busy doing other things for most of this summer, so this weekend I really attacked the garden. I did the tubs, planted bedding plants, did some (but not all) the weeding, tidied up the paths, did the hanging baskets and it is now looking much nicer. I also did some housework, piles of washing, and had another battle with the wireless reception for the computer.

Although it is working at the moment, it is random as to whether it works or not. Last night Nic needed a map printed out and I had to put the pc onto the ethernet cable to get an internet signal. This morning I tried my Macbook and Nic's Vista pc and neither of them worked. I went upstairs to phone the ISP again and the Mac got a signal but the pc didn't. I phoned them up (again) and they asked what operating system I was using. On being told we had a Mac, Vista, Windows 7 and a PS3 in the house I think they gave up the idea that it was an operating system which was creating the problem. He asked to go onto the router set up system but I said I had spent an hour and a half with one of his colleagues resetting that last week, so he came to the same conclusion I had come to which is that the router is kaput. It is really annoying because I've only had it for a couple of years, however needs must, so they are sending me another one.

Oh - I also cleaned the downstairs windows outside. This is an extremely rare event.

I am pooped.

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oreneta said...

Your halo must be all aglow. Glad the new router is on the way and the garden is lovely too!