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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Art Gallery

The sun has done a bunk round here today and it is grey and drizzling, so no beach.

Instead we went to a really good art gallery where over the last few years B has bought something most years. The Arts Council do an easy payment scheme which means you pay over 10 months and pay no interest, which makes it much easier. Quite a few people may be able to find£50 per month who can't find £500 just like that.

As he is retiring next month we were just supposed to be looking.


The new picture is called Preseli and we have spent the hour or so moving things around to decide where best to put it, and it is now on the wall. B is looking at is so it is behind my head which is a shame.

There were some lovely things there. I would love to buy some of the bronzes they have, there was a beautiful one of a wren standing on a twig - come on lottery win! (more than £10 anyway - one year we should at least get back what we spend on the lottery in work)

We are going out for my birthday dinner tonight, to The Shed in Porthgain, which we haven't been to before for a meal, but has lots of prizes. We had coffee and tea cake there the other day and the tea cake was home made which is very unusual.

Then home tomorrow and work on Monday!

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