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Monday, June 28, 2010


The wireless part of our internet connection seems to have given up the ghost. it wasn't working last night, and it isn't working tonight. I spent about an hour talking to the man at the help desk and he said he would phone me back in 15 minutes. That was an hour an a half ago. I am now on hold.

He tried telling me the airport part of my laptop wasn't working, so I got Adam's laptop on and - surprise - that doesn't connect either!!! There is nothing wrong with the laptops, it does seem to my technical ignorance that there is something wrong with the router. This is working on the ethernet cable at the moment, so the internet is working, but the wireless isn't.

I am driving to Aberystwyth tomorrow so wanted to go to bed early. I have not done any of my post holiday ironing mountain (boy is it big!) because of talking to computer man and waiting for him to phone back, so I am cheesed off in a big way at the moment.

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oreneta said...

We had a similar problem and there was some kind of a reset process we had to do on the router. Hours were spent trying to figure it out for us as well.....good luck.