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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting ready for holidays

We have decided - rather last minute = to go to France on holiday next week, so I am again very busy getting everything ready. Not so exciting things like getting the car serviced, the insurance sorted for abroad etc, all need to be done.

However I had a very pleasant day out on Saturday.

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales had a singing day for local choirs doing a scratch Mozart Requiem, which was great fun. It must be about 13 years since I sang it so bits of it were 'oh, have I ever sung this before?' but other bits were very familiar. You did need to either know it or to be a very good sight reader to enjoy the day, because you didn't get to learn it, there wasn't time. It was a matter of polishing and improving.

we had soloists from the BBC Singers who are some of the best singers in the UK, and the part rehearsal was taken by one of the BBC Singers. She was very good, it was great fun.

Unfortunately the conductor took it a bit fast when we did the 'performance' but still, it was good.

Tonight I am off out to Bookclub, which has sort of morphed into a dining club with added books. The good thing is that I did the meal last time, so tonight I only have to bring wine. It is also just across the road, so I don't have to drive and can have more than 1 glass of wine.

I am also trying to pack all the work I need to do in the office before Friday - proving a problem

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oreneta said...

France = good

The work before and after = not quite so good.

Book/dining club = very very good!