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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Busy busy

It has been a bit busy this week.

Unexpectedly I was hosting Bookclub - which means cooking dinner for the 5 of us so that involved cleaning up on Monday night in order to cook and host on Tuesday.  And a pleasant evening was had by all.

The following day involved getting up at 5am.  Never a good thing. Then catching a train to York for a conference of the National Acquisitions Group - which is a lot of librarians who deal with acquisitions.  The trains all worked extremely well and I got to York comfortably by 11.30 which gave me time to have a sit in the sun before the conference started.  There is a big London Eye type wheel in York so I went on that and had fabulous views over the city.

The following morning I had time to go for a walk before the sessions started and discovered that you can get into Yorkminster for free at 8.30 in the morning.  It was lovely because it was so empty, with only a few people who clearly worked there around.  I have been in it before but it is still wonderful no matter how often you go in.  York itself is lovely and I had a lovely time pottering round before going back into librarian mode.

The conference was good in parts - some bits I already knew well anyway but there was enough to have made it worth while going.

Now we are getting ready to go and walk chunks of Hadrian's wall in a week.  Hurray

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