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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best laid schemes

This morning I was a bit pushed for time so instead of going to the gym for my half hour which I was due to spend there, I decided to cycle up and down the hill a few times instead.  This would have been a fairly good plan as it would give me some excercise but only take about 10 minutes.  That would allow me to sort out the recycling, shower and wash my hair, have breakfast, make lunch, and get out in time to get to work.

The first time was fine.  The second time was ok and got me out of breath which was the aim of the exercise after all.  However I somehow managed to pull a muscle in the region of my right hip - probably by swinging my leg over the bike - and have been alternatively hobbling a bit or going ouch for most of the day.

It is feeling better now.


Boo and Trev said...

Ouch poor you!

oreneta said...

It's so undignified how we hurt ourselves sometimes, nothing gallant in it. I sliced my thumb open needing 6 stitches....doing dishes. Twisted my ankle horridly running down stairs, and stumbling into a ditch. Nothing valiant at all....hope it gets better quickly anyway.