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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Removal of clarinet

The BBC recording of Brian's piece 'Shadows of Memory' which was played last week has a wrong entry by a clarinet at a crucial moment - should be a silence but in comes a clarinet - and as it was a workshop it wouldn't be rerecorded.  However Brian phoned a friend who has a studio in his house - he writes film scores, tv scores etc (did Fireman Sam) and Ian said he could take it out.

We went round there yesterday and after an hour we have a new recording without the stray clarinet.  It is so clever that they can take a bit out like that. 

B has gone away with huge amounts of updating to the website to do this week so will be busy. 

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oreneta said...

That is amazing....they are so very clever....is he going to post the recording on his website' Going over to look, though I know it's too early.