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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Unfortunately my son has been victim of a computer scam today.  It surprised me because he is usually so cautious, and he said his first instinct was to hang up the phone but ....

It is called the ammy scam and there is lots on Google about it - someone phones up and says there are problems on your computer and they can fix it.  The remote in to the computer and then install some software, and want money from you etc etc.

So we have turned his laptop off, cancelled his credit card with the bank, and luckily he doesn't use that machine to do any purchasing so there isn't that  much information on it.  We need to reload the operating system and then the computer will be ok again.  Ho  hum.


oreneta said...
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oreneta said...

That deleted comment was by me, came out strange when I reread it.

What a drag for him, so sorry to hear this happened. They are so nasty aren't they. Really very unpleasant.