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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We have been dogsitting a lot recently. Kate has been at work shows while Carl has been in the Middle East so we have had Saffy for a couple of weeks. It made a nice change because usually we have her to stay in the winter, so the walk before work - in the dark and the rain and the wind - is not so inviting. Whereas this time of year the walks have been lovely, the sun has been out, the skies have been blue, and the weather has been warm as well. It has been lovely.

Then Brian's brother has gone to visit his son and family abroad so we have had Megan to visit as well. She is a little Border terrier, about 13 years old, so she thinks she should only do what she wants to. She also hates the laminate floor we have in the tv room, so we have a variety of bits of rug on the floor because otherwise she looks at us as though we are torturing her, and walks like she is on ice. Mostly Brian has been walking Megan in the mornings, but this Sunday he went to London to visit his son so I got both of them on Monday morning. Saffy charging ahead, and Megan trotting in a ladylike way beside me. She does sedate little canters around the field but does seem to enjoy her walks still.

However Saffy was collected by Kate on Monday and they are off camping in Brecon, and Megan is off on Thursday so we have a dog free holiday ahead of us for the next two weeks. It is lovely how you are greeted and loved by dogs but on holiday they are more difficult to cope with than children because you can't take them into cafes, or art galleries, or lots of other places that you really want to go.

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oreneta said...

Too true about all the places you can't take them....then again, they may pee on a statue or something and that maybe wouldn't bee so good....